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Tired of staying at old, shabby hotels? Don’t want to burn a hole through your savings by opting for overly expensive resorts? If so, the vacation rentals offered by Sunny California Vacation Rentals are perfect for you!

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Leisure Activities



Seaside Trail on Palos Verdes Peninsula Looking for an easy family-friendly trail on the Palos Verdes Peninsula that also has great views? Seascape Trail is for you – crossing scenic coastal bluffs north of Point Vicente Lighthouse. The level trail is about 0.7 miles long with a meager 40 feet of elevation change. Starting from the Terrace Trail Access Point, this is a 1.5-mile hike with excellent ocean views. You can begin hiking Seascape Trail from a few places, including from Point Vicente Interpretive Center at the south end of the trail. Terrace Access Trail is an easy place to start as it begins from the end of a residential cul-de-sac with ample street parking that is located just off Palos Verdes Drive. Walk less than a tenth of a mile west on the connection trail to reach Seascape Trail. To the left, Seascape Trail continues for 0.2 miles to Point Vicente Interpretive Center. To the right, the wide wheelchair-friendly pebble and dirt trail traces the bluff for half a mile before coming to an end at Calle Entradero. A third of a mile up is a junction with another access trail coming in from Calle Entradero. The north end of Seascape Trail crosses sage covered bluffs that look out over dramatic coves on the peninsula’s shoreline. One can see a great distance from this perch 150 feet above the ocean waves. This is just one of numerouse trails in the Palos Verdes area of the Southbay that are avaialble for your enjoyment!

Bike Riding on The Strand


The Strand - Bicycle Beach Path   One of the most fun things to do on vacation in Southern California is bike ride on the Santa Monica beach path. The bicycle path also known as "The Strand" starts at Will Rogers State Beach and travels through all of the South Bay beach communities and 2 harbors: Marina del Rey, Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach and King Harbor at Redondo Beach. The bike path ends about 2 miles past the South end of Redondo Beach Pier in Torrance. Depending upon where you park, the distance can be as much as 40 miles round trip - a good all-day workout with terrific views! The bike path runs both ways so starting here in MB, HB or RB is the way to GO!!!

Boat Riding


Welcome to Redondo Beach Harbor One of the most amazing things to be done while in the city is avial the boat rides along the shore that lasts for 30-40 minute. Hopping into the cruise, the visitors can have a wonderful time sailing and boating. The cruise crosses the water giving the sight of various sea life such as marine birds, dolphins, whales and sea lions along with a variety of fish. This could be a wonderful way to spend an entire day amidst the beauty and serenity of the water and in a way have a look at the various species that dwell in the sea. Amidst the the sunny day and the warm air, all that soothes is the weather adjacent to the Redondo Beach. Plethora of sandy beaches, options for boutique shopping, marina trails, pier and harbors , the Redondo Beach is the one stop destination for tourists visiting United States. Away from the heat of the barren deserts, the temperate climate offers the tourists a fantastic gateway for spending their vacation with friends and family. A range of activities including sailing, boating, kayaking, along with various events and concerts are held at beach that makes it the best destination for vacation. Redond Beach Pier A pier adjacent to the region of South California, the Redondo Beach pier connects the shore at two places allowing the tourist to walk along the trail. Decked up with various dining restaurants that offers a picturesque view of the beach finds a range of tourist visiting the place. The visitors who love to spend their night amidst the beauty of the beach can opt for bars and restaurants that stay up late. The pier has been featured in various films and tv series due to the fact that it has a wonderful ambience and is brimmed with various facilities. Many concerts are held throughout the year to add to it's charm.



Southbay Beaches Manhattan Beach MB Pier is a popular spot in the South Bay of Los Angeles for surfers of all levels. With its exposed beach break with consistent surf and more than 300 days of sun per year, you can pretty much always count on good weather in Manhattan Beach so you can surf no matter the season. Ideal swells come in from the southwest, which creates mellow waves during sunset that are perfect for chill riding. It’s never too crowded, but you’ll always see at least a handful of surfers catching waves by the pier —it’s not uncommon to find surfers weaving through the mussel covered pillars below. Lets not forget the North End of MB... known as El Porto to most! One of the best times to surf out here is during sunset—you’ll have a front row seat for some of the best sunsets that Southern California has to offer. Consistent surf conditions year round for all levels. Hermosa Beach Mundane beachbreak peaks handling up to about head high. Best with early morning offshores and small, peaky swells combined with medium tides. Close-outs are common during large swells, although they can make for some spectacular barrels. The waves may be mundane, but they often get crowded. Redondo Beach Breakwater; A fast, walled left that breaks across the front of the King Harbor breakwall on north and west swells bigger than 6 feet. It’s said to hold up to 20 feet, long after the crowd has thinned. The wave refracts and is amplified off of the jetty, spinning out long, fast lefts that end in a sucker-punch shorebreak. Perched on top of the breakwall are a parking lot and several restaurants where you can take in the action over lobster bisque. But beware: on more than one occasion, huge swells have pushed whitewater right through the windows of the eateries — talk about fresh seafood. To that end, an Army Corps of Engineers project in 1997 moved some new rocks out onto the bend in the wall, and that, combined with the ongoing loss of sand, is costing the spot some of its former glory. According to regulars, the peak has moved closer to the beach, and the wave doesn’t wedge off the jetty as well. It very well could be the slow demise of one of L.A.’s few big-wave spots.  



Catalina Island The island's never looked better and she's in picture perfect shape. Cruise across the beautiful Pacific Ocean from the Port of Long Beach to the magical island of Catalina. Slow down, relax and enjoy all the things you love to do.  Catalina Island Activities Explore the oceanfront shops in Avalon.  Dine on local island cuisine.  Tour the island’s vast interior to see wild buffalo and dramatic coastline vistas.  Hike trails to hidden harbors and inlets or discover the crystal blue waters teeming with colorful fish by Scuba diving, kayaking, sailboating or snorkeling! It’s all waiting for you on Catalina. Just an hour away from Long Beach. When you’re on Island Time, you’re always having the time of your life.

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